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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Greg Tompkins. I am a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Florida and proud inventor of the Porta-Pull 4000 FXP cable tugger. Several years ago, I realized that 90% of the wire pulls we do on a daily basis involves 4/0 wire or smaller, with runs of 200’ or so. Mini-mall feeders, equipment load centers, parking lot lighting, branch circuits, etc. That’s pretty much our bread and butter down here in Florida.
Pulling this wire was never as cost effective as I estimated it would be and set up time took forever. I wanted a cable puller that worked without power drills, adapters, and hardware. I had wire to pull! And lastly, when the job was finished, I especially wanted a puller that would stow away for safe keeping. I’ve had several cable pullers walk off the jobsite you know.
I didn’t know it at the time of course, but what I really wanted was a Porta-Pull. And after 2 years of intensive effort, the Porta-Pull 4000 FXP became a reality. The Porta-Pull 4000 FXP Cable Tugger is one lean, mean, wire pulling machine. Just throw it over your shoulder and go!
Ok, you’ve read the literature, (thanks for looking), and you know what I think. But in the final analysis, it’s your opinion that counts. If you think a Porta-Pull 4000 FXP cable tugger would help your day to day operations, buy one. If it falls short of your expectations, simply return it. No questions asked!
Greg Tompkins, Owner